Friday, February 1, 2013

First Roof Leaks of the Year

As January unfolds into February, perennial weather changes are taking place, switching us from wintery weather to the beginning of spring. It is in this time, when the first rains and snow melts begin to show the roof damage that has been hidden by the snowy months. Roofers in Seattle often refer to the emergency roofing service calls at this time "the mark of the leak."

The first sign of a roof leak can spell disaster for you, if your roof is leaking during this time, as so many calls are made about roof leaks, and a roofing professional may not be able to make it out for several days, or even a few weeks! Seattle roofing companies say that this wait could easily be avoided by having a quick roof inspection and maintenance each year before the winter. This way, when the first rains and melt begin in the next year, you can be sure that the mark of the leak will not get you too.

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